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    Ultimate Dating Package

    • All plugins required for Dating
    • Intuitive and Engaging Design
    • Dark & Light Color Schemes
    • Tabbed Members Widget
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    Advanced Contests Plugin (Certified)

    Advanced Contests is a very powerful and robust plugin that enables you to run and manage contests and competitions on your website. This plugin provides you a full control over the contests on your website by providing many features, settings and options with optimized performance and easy interface.

    With this plugin, enable your users to create unlimited contests, participate and vote for the entries. Contest owners can set upto 5 Awards for the top 5 winners of their contests.

    Unlike sweepstakes where winners are randomly selected, contests winners are selected by judging using Votes as a set of criteria. Admins can choose to restrict Voting to only logged in members or can enable voting by non-logged in users also. 1 entry can be voted a single time by a user or multiple times depending on the admin settings. Admin can also choose to enable multiple time voting over a specific duration to increase returning traffic to their sites.

    This plugin will also help you plan your Marketing Strategy as contests have many benefits and are a great way to give your website a boost in terms of awareness and connection with your audience.

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    Questions & Answers Plugin

    Questions & Answers are very important for any business, e-commerce shop or an online community as these helps users ask about their queries and get instant answers by not only the website administrators, but also the other users of website. In addition to questions about site, users can ask general questions, code related questions, country, city or questions related to some specific location.

    This Question & Answer plugin is a very powerful and robust plugin that enables your users to Ask Questions and get Answers which builds a complete Question & Answer system for your Socialengine site. You can have question and answers for your website or any specific idea as per your requirements. With the URL and Text change capabilities of this plugin, you can use it for multiple purposes.

    With this plugin users can not only answer questions, but can also upvote / downvote questions and answers and choose a best answer for their questions on your website. Possibility to add Poll Questions highly increases the usability of this plugin to server all your purposes related to anything Question & Answers.

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    Page Directories Plugin

    Directories are must haves for your website and are very important in the world of Social Media as with directories you can have anything you image on your website like directories of pets, projects, colleges, products, profiles, classifieds, recipes, places, books, online directory, businesses, stores, restaurants, brands, services, night clubs, musicians, models, schools, etc. All the Brands, Businesses – both Local & International, Public Figures, etc. need a platform and way to showcase themselves on a website and social media for marketing and letting people know what and how they work. And with this plugin you can configure any directory listing as per your site’s requirement very easily and quickly without knowing any coding.

    Page Directories plugin provide you all the features and tools to have robust, interactive and fully customizable directory system on your SocialEngine website. With this plugin you can create detailed and rich listing pages which can have page roles, photos, services, custom fields, multiple locations, multi-posting options, crossposting, post attribution, operating hours, members, price, linking with other pages, cover photo, profile photo, Page dashboard, etc. All the features can be configured from admin panel, so you can easily use this plugin to ha..

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    Fixed / Floating Page Columns Widget

    If you website has 3 Column or 2 Column Layout Pages, having content of different length in each column, then scrolling down can decrease the attractiveness of your website due to spaces visible in the columns. To overcome this problem, we have created this unique widget which will fix the column with lesser content when users scroll down the pages on your website.

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    Responsive AtoZ Theme (Certified)

    We always emphasis on having an attractive and elegant Website that can increase the involvement of Users and ratings by them for what it has been made. A theme controls the general look and feel of your site including things like Page Layout, Widget Locations, and Default Font and Color Choices etc. New themes are always being added, keep checking for new designs: you can change your theme as often as you like.

    So our new Responsive AtoZ theme is a Multipurpose theme which comes up with the Unique design and updated features which makes it totally different from other themes in every aspect. It will serve the purpose via which you can give a creative and outstanding look to your website by providing various settings for Landing page, Customizable Header & Footer, Pre- built Color Schemes, Manageable Banners, Adjustable Fonts for your Website. You can also send Newsletters to your website subscribers.

    This theme provides you all the enhanced looks and functionality which you exclusively want for the transformation of your website. It is highly configurable with new Sign In and Sign Up CTA Buttons

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    Shoutbox Plugin (Certified)

    If you are looking for a simple means of communicating with your website or blog users or a way for users to leave messages collectively for the site owner, or as a basic chat room for your website visitors then adding a simple ShoutBox is probably the best way to go.

    They are often seen on the side menus of websites and blogs, they are sometimes seen on social networking websites also. These small shout boxes are mainly used for leaving quick messages to the website owner but can also be used to carry on conversations between other surfers who are on the same website at the same time.

    It just simply work like a Chatbox on your website !!!

    In this Plugin the chat area will continue to scroll without the need for page refreshes, plus it offers admin features such as Multiple Shoutbox Creation, Unlimited entries of users, Member Level View Privacy, Network View Privacy, Manage Display Settings for your Shoutbox. With the help of Shoutbox Plugin you can talk about things where you have common interests or develop.

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    Custom Avatar Plugin (Certified)

    When you sign up on any social network, you have the option to upload an image that will represent you. No matter what the social site, you’ll want to associate an image with your online identify. This image is your “avatar.” It’s your online persona. It’s the way the online community will see you. With it, your profile appears more real, more tangible, more human. A good avatar will help people relate to you as a fellow human being, to take notice of you, to remember you, and to listen to what you have to say.

    Simply an Avatar is your Identity.So you choose to make your Avatar with the help of Custom Avatar Plugin whatever you want it to be. It is what you show to others. There are many people who have a different image online than in person.

    By default this plugin provides you 50 Pre Uploaded Avatar Images which you can choose for your Profiles that would get reflected everywhere. Also it enables you to upload new Avatar Image(.png and Zip files) from Admin Panel of this Plugin.

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    Weather Plugin (Certified)

    Attractive loyal audience for your website is the most difficult, yet important thing to help your business succeed. To bring users attention and interest in your website, it is not always required to have big features and details. Sometimes even very small information may get their attention and increase their visits on your website thereby increasing average session duration and decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

    This “Weather Plugin” brings such small yet very beneficial feature to display Real Time weather information on your website. With this plugin you can share the weather updates from Hourly duration to 7 days Weekly Forecast.

    Integration with “Dark Sky API” which has dead-simple Pricing.

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    Social Meta Tags Plugin (Certified)

    With this plugin you can get more of the traffic from your content shared on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc as the meta tags can hugely affect conversions and click-through rates.

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    Advanced Error Pages Plugin – Private Page, Page...

    Advanced Error Pages plugin will allow you to turn the simple errors of Page Not Found, Private Page, Maintenance Mode and Coming Soon to attractive designs where you can show your creativity and turn these error pages into some informative pages.

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    Responsive Elegant Theme

    Responsive Elegant is an Classic Theme for SocialEnginePHP v4 that has all the basic features your SE website must have, like- a beautiful Landing Page for your site, quick Login & Signup popup form for visitors, an attractive and responsive slideshow, Main Navigation Menu with a choice of icons, Members Cloud widget, Responsive Banner Slideshow, Simple Image Banner…

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    The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme...

    The Company & Business – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme is a complete multi-purpose SocialEngine theme for your company, business or social network. This theme is designed with high quality code and all the features which are required to showcase your Team, Photo Gallery, Blog Posts, Testimonial, Features and other details about your website. With the Floating Navigation Bar on the Landing page, it becomes very easy to reach to any section on the page with just 1 click.

    Whether it’s an e-commerce store, a restaurant website, a beauty salon website, a Gym website, an Organization, College or a School website or even if it is a company website, this theme is a best fit !! This is not only the perfect template for business communities but also best for all kind of communities which need an elegant, featured, user-friendly template for their intended audience.

    This theme comes with a choice of 2 pre-built attractive Landing pages which will enhance your website and will give a complete new look to it. Both the Landing pages are artistic, impressive and totally different with many specific sections in one page. All the items displayed on Landing page can be very easily configured from the admin panel of this theme.

    The theme has the capability for each element to be used as you want. If you want Team to be used as Portfolio, Students, Mentors, Sponsors or anything else, then you can easily make the modifications from the admin panel.

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    Professional FB Clone Theme (Certified)

    Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, with 750+ million active users as of July 2011 and this Advanced & Professional Facebook Style Theme is one of its kind which will give a new and interesting Facebook look to your SocialEngine based website.

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    Social Media Login – 1 Click Social Connect...

    Social Media Login plugin increases user registrations on your website by allowing users to logging on your website using their existing social media credentials and pre-verified accounts.

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    Responsive Expose Theme (Certified)

    Responsive Expose – A Multi-Purpose Blog, News, Article or Magazine SocialEngine Theme with lots of attractive design options and user friendly features that are very easy to use. It’s fast, simple, and highly customizable with 9 pre-built Color Schemes.

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    Responsive Vertical Theme (Certified)

    Responsive Vertical Theme is one of its kind theme which will give a new and unique look to your SocialEngine based website. The main menu can be placed vertically or horizontally with various configuration settings. Beautiful Header, multiple color schemes, multiple custom themes.

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    Responsive SpectroMedia Theme

    SPECTROMEDIA is a clean, responsive theme which is suitable for any SocialEngine based website having Music, Video, Photos, Blogs, Classifieds, etc. It’s fast, simple, and highly customizable with 9 pre-built Color Schemes.
    SpectroMedia is not just a Theme, it’s a powerful designing tool with option to Clone any existing

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    Site Tour by Auto Logging With Test User...

    An awesome website is developed, various Membership Levels are decided and in spite of Free Membership available, visitors are not joining the website as expected. This sometimes happen because people are afraid of Spam mails and promotions that fill up their inboxes.

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    Responsive Dating Theme (Certified)

    It is said that the First Impression is the Last Impression and for a website, its first impression are its Looks and Visual Appearance. So, the first impression of your website should be good enough to leave an impression on your visitors and turn them into the uses of your website.

    Dating sites are very popular these days, but a dating website should have different visual effects.This theme can not only be used on dating website but also on website which are developed around peace, love, care and prayers.

    With this Responsive Dating Theme you will get a beautiful Landing Page which has various options in a single screen design like – A quick Member Search form, random member strip, attractive Footer and social sites links.

    This theme is highly configurable and comes with 2 Header options, so you can easily make any modifications from the admin panel.

    Note:This theme is 100% responsive and compatible with all 3rd party plugins which are developed following SE standards

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    Members Verification by Other Members Plugin (Certified)

    Ever wondered why there are blue ticks against the names of famous individuals and brands in social media profiles of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? These ticks are a way to let you know that the particular Brand or individual you are looking at is Verified and Genuine. This will increase your trust on the content posted and shared by that brand or individual. Right now as we all know Internet has become so vast and with the expansion of this technology, we see few content and information which are fake and misleading.

    Verification is one of the ways to prevent such misleading content from being viral and gain more trust from users on a website. To gain more trust from audience, everyone now a days want to be verified on social websites. Due to the added trust and to protect a Brand or individual or a member’s identity, Verification is very important for a website.

    Members Verification by Other Members Plugin enables your site members to get verified by other members on your site. A badge is added to their profiles which eliminates fake users and even increases the credibility. It elevates your brand above the rest. Verified member badge is being provided and is useful for the adding trust and help to protect brand’s equity. Members can also comment while providing the verifications to other me..

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    Double Banner Slideshow Plugin

    Double Banner Slideshow plugin enables you to have very beautiful, elegant and attractive slideshow on your website with 2 slides in a single banner. Fixed and Floating captions for each slide makes the look and design even more awesome, eye catching and appealing.

    Each banner in this plugin can have upto 2 slides, background color, fixed caption, floating caption, description, 2 CTA buttons, watch video button. The header of your website can be chosen to be shown inside or outside the banner, thereby making this plugin more robust and easy to use and setup on your website as per your requirements.

    Of the 2 slides: 1 slide is the larger one which is displayed according to the width of banner and the small slide fits into the frame chosen for it. You can choose from pre-defined 4 frame options and configure the rotation of each frame as per the requirements.

    Everything can be enabled / disabled and configured from the admin panel including the choice of background color, slides, CTA button colors, font colors, font family for captions, description, etc. You can also choose the banner to be s..

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    JS & CSS Minify Plugin

    JS & CSS Minify Plugin is the best plugin to compress, combine and concatenate yout multiple JS and CSS files to optimize the browser performance of your website and reduce the page load time. It compresses files by upto 80% of their original size. This plugin empowers your SE website to load faster by reducing the HTTP requests and JS / CSS abndwidth, returning compressed, compact and consolidated code, removing unnecessary white spaces and comments, etc and thereby reducing the number of requests which will improve the performance of your website.

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    Advanced Contests – Voting by Jury Members Plugin...

    Make the contests on your site more realistic and valuable with the exclusive Voting by Jury Members plugin.

    By Enabling Voting by Jury Members Plugin – you can allow the contest owners to add jury members in their contests, jury members will have more weightage of their votes as compared to other voters on your site.

    Only site members can be added as jury members, but after becoming jury members for a contest they are no more like normal site members for that contest, now their votes are more valuable than other members and they will be able to vote only once for one entry even the admin has allowed multiple voting on entries for the contests.

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    Step by Step Webpage Introduction Tour Plugin

    Step by Step Webpage Introduction Tour Plugin is the best product to explain new and complex features of your website to your users in step by step tips and navigation. Using this plugin, you can easily highlight newly introduced features of your website. You can also explain any complex features of your website to you users with the explanatory tour tips with suitable titles and descriptions.

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    Advanced Contests – Contests Joining Fees & Payments...

    Contests provide a great platform to display the talent and skills you have amassed over the years. We all know the trend of taking participation in various contests is increasing among people day by day as everyone want to get recognized among other people for their talent and also to win exciting awards.

    As the contest owner is spending his money in giving awards to winners, he also wishes to earn something by creating contests on your site, so if you use this Contests Joining Fees and Payments System Plugin then you can enable a source to your users to make money from their contests on your website. They can set a fee to enable participation in their contests and make money. In return you can charge commissions from the contest owners, which again can be a new source of income for you from Contests. Contests joining can be set as Free or chargeable by contest owners as per their requirements.

    This monetization will encourage contest owners to create better contests with high priced awards on your site, which will attract more and more people to participate and Join contests on your site. More participation will bring more sharing and thus more popularity to your website.

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    Custom & Short Member Profile URLs Plugin (Certified)...

    Do you want to display the member profile URLs on your website according to your site’s concept like or just display the username after site’s domain name like If your answer is Yes, then this plugin will surely help you.

    This plugin has the capability to enable you to choose the Custom URL slug or Short URL based on Member Levels on your website. This can be very helpful, as users will now can have their own memorable short URLs and even custom URLs based on their member levels.

    You no longer need to have long profile URLs on your website.

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    Advanced Contests – Packages for Allowing Contest Creation...

    Do you want to monetize from the contests on your website, then here comes the Packages for Allowing Contest Creation Plugin using which you can enable Packages for creating contests on your website.

    With this Extension you can allow the members of your site to create contest only after subscribing to at-least one of the packages which can be made – Free or Paid. You can made any number of Free and Paid packages by providing different features in each package according to your requirement.

    The question may arise – why members will pay money to you for creating contests on your site? The Contest on your website can provide your users a way to connect to their audience and use this system for advertising their businesses. With the Social sharing, Voting, Awards, automatic Winner Announcement and many other features of Advanced Contests Plugin the reach of your users to their potential audience is not limited.

    If you use the Contests Joining Fees and Payments System Plugin then you can enable a source to your users to make money from their contests on your website. They can set a fee to enable..

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    Letter Avatar of Member Name Plugin

    Are you bored of displaying the default photo for users who does have their profile picture?
    If Yes, then this is the best suitable plugin for you. This plugin creates a Letter Avatar for the users who sign-up on your website without uploading their profile pictures as well as for the members who remove their profile pictures.

    From the admin panel of this plugin you can choose the letters of First Name, Last Name or Username to be shown in the place of default profile picture beautifully with admin selected Background color. The Background color can be a fixed color or can be generated randomly for each letter avatar.

    Admin can also choose to replace the default profile picture with the Letter Avatars when members remove their profile pictures. If you do not want it to be automatically replaced, then you can generate the letter avatars manually from the admin panel for all users who do not have profile pictures. This will work for already existing members also.

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    Multi-Use FAQs Plugin

    FAQs are very effective and important when you run a website and you receive lot of emails from your users who are your potential customers, bloggers, commenters or just visitors. There are chances that the queries you receive are same most of the times and you have to send same reply to each query again and again.

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    Social Photo Media Importer Plugin (Certified)

    The importance of Photos and Social Networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Google, and 500px is not hidden from anyone in Today’s web world. If you are looking for ways to increase user engagement and more content to be uploaded on your website

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    Professional Share Plugin

    This plugin quickly deploy the social sharing options on your website. With a variety of display types like sticky social share buttons in sidebar, fly-ins, social share buttons with counter, etc your visitors can easily share your content on various social medias of their choice.

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    Web & Mobile Browser Push Notifications Plugin

    Browser push notifications are clickable messages in browser that come from a website. These are simply received by your subscriber on their desktops, mobiles or any other device even when they are not actually viewing your website. These notifications are similar to the mobile apps’ push notifications and support all major browsers in different devices.

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    All in One Multiple Forms Plugin – Advanced...

    Forms are one of the most important elements of a website because forms help you manage your relationship with your users and customers. With forms you can always keep in touch with your visitors, partners and customers and gather their feedback, queries, suggestions, etc easily.

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    Advanced Footer Plugin

    Advanced Footer plugin provides you various designs and options to display in the footer of your website which will help you in showcasing right information based on the type of user [logged in / non-logged in] on your website.

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    Responsive Clean Wide Theme

    Responsive Clean Wide Theme is made 100% Responsive with a fluid grid system which automatically adapts your SocialEngine website to any mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops so that your website looks amazing on any device. This theme is tested and works well with all modern browsers. With this theme you have endless Color Possibilities and a lot more!