Mobile Apps Source Code

We have tried to provide our apps in all best possible ways and getting our apps via Source Code is one of those.


Choose the package for the Source Code of App from below.

Please find below a list of what One Time Payment will provide you:

  • If you want all the source code of the apps and develop build, graphic assets, screenshots, do custom work in apps at your end with the developer of your choice, then you can purchase the source code of the apps.
  • You can subscribe to our monthly Support and Mobile Apps subscription plan (1 time setup fee will be waived off) for free upgrades and new releases.
  • Since, the pricing of the apps are at our sole discretion, if the prices rise up in future, you may not get the source code of the apps with new upgrades and new releases in the same payment. But, you can make the difference payment to get the latest source code. Even if the prices do not rise up, there may be a fees on providing the latest code in future which requires our developers to provide the code in zip format. So, please contact our support for the same.
  • Basically Source code is needed when you will want to have custom work in your apps with any other 3rd party developer. But, if you go for the custom work in our Apps from us, then you do not need the source code.
  • You also need the source code, if you wish to maintain the customized code of your app.