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Footer of a website is very useful and is also an important tool to navigate within the site and distribute various information to the viewers of your website, but sadly this part is almost afterthought.

The information shown in footer should not be too heavy or with too much of graphics and designs. But, it should be simple and should convey the right information that can give your users an opportunity to discover the correct and important information on your website.

Advanced Footer plugin provides you various designs and options to display in the footer of your website which will help you in showcasing right information based on the type of user [logged in / non-logged in] on your website.

Key features

7 elegant Footer designs to display various information: Depending on the design selected:
~ Members widget can be shown.
~ About site content can be shown.

Easy Footer Styling Settings

Option to choose Footer Background Image

Option to choose Footer Logo

Footer Sections & Links: For each link admin can choose:
~ Separate URLs to be shown to logged-in and non-logged in users.
~ Open URLs in new tab or same tab for logged-in and non-logged in users separately.
~ enable / disable each URLs to be shown to logged-in and non-logged in users separately.

Social Site links can be placed to various Social Networking sites.

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