All SocialEngineSolutions Plugins Package

$1,999.00 $1,619.00

This package includes almost all the plugins from SocialEngineSolutions and will enable you to set up your website just like our Main Demo website. If you are setting up a completely new website, then we will also provide you the sample data from our main demo website.

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Actual Cost $4049
Discount $2050
Final Cost After Discount$1999
Theme Builder $99
News / RSS Importer Plugin $89
Advanced Birthdays Plugin FREE
Membership Cards Plugin $39
Professional Profile Fields Plugin $59
Membership Subscription Badge $29
Testimonial Showcase Plugin $19
Business Directories Plugin $69
Advanced Poke & Gifts Plugin $15
Thoughts Plugin $19
Prayers Plugin $19
Wishes Plugin $19
Multi-Use Tutorials Plugin $49
Recipes With Reviews & Location Plugin $69
Stores with Simple Product Type $99
FB Messenger Customer Live Chat Plugin $69
Ultimate Email Templates Plugin $29
SSO for SE to WordPress Sites $99
Recent Login & Account Switcher Plugin $39
Auto Switching / Notification of Plans $79
Email Verification Reminder Plugin FREE
Credits & Activity / Reward Points Plugin $99
Advanced Polls Plugin $49
Dummy Users Creator / Bulk Importer $69
Fixed / Floating Page Columns Widget $19
Quick & One Step Signup Plugin $39
Professional Search Plugin $49
Auto Bot Actions Plugin $69
Discussions & External Links Posting Plugin $49
Popup Builder Plugin $49
Crowdfunding Plugin $299
Professional File & Media Manager Plugin $29
Newsletter / Email Marketing Plugin $89
Member Profiles Cover Photo & Video Plugin $49
Single Sign On for Multiple SE Sites $69
Questions & Answers Plugin $59
PWA Plugin for Mobiles & Tablets $99
Advanced Contests Plugin $79
Professional Likes Plugin FREE
Community Advertisements Plugin $149
Shoutbox Plugin $59
Custom Avatar Plugin $39
Letter Avatar of Member Name Plugin FREE
Step by Step Webpage Tour $39
Custom & Short Profile URLs Plugin FREE
Multi-Use FAQs Plugin $49
Social Photo Media Importer Plugin $45
Advanced Article Plugin $49
People You May Know $19
Professional Activity & Nested Comments Plugin $69
Social Meta Tags Plugin $19
Professional Share Plugin $29
Social Media Login Plugin $39
All in One Multiple Forms Plugin $45
Ultimate Members Plugin $45
Ultimate Events Plugin $79
Advanced Error Pages Plugin $39
Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin $39
Site Tour by Auto Login Test User $9
Advanced Blog Plugin $49
Multi-Use Team Plugin $19
Browser Push Notifications Plugin $35
Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin $55
Professional Music Plugin $59
Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin $55
Group Communities Plugin $99
Quotes Plugin $19
Weather Plugin $19
Page Directories Plugin $99
Members Verification by Other Members Plugin $49
Double Banner Slideshow Plugin $39
JS & CSS Minify Plugin $39
Professional GDPR Plugin $79
SocialEngineSolutions Basic Required Plugin FREE
Actual Cost $4049
Discount $2050
Final Cost After Discount $1999
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