Browser Push Notifications Plugin


Browser push notifications are clickable messages in browser that come from a website. These are simply received by your subscriber on their desktops, mobiles or any other device event when they are not actually viewing your website. These notifications are similar to the mobile apps’ push notifications and support all major browsers in different devices.

With this tool, Remind and Re-engage your visitors and send push notifications to reach your users even when they are not on your website.

All The Feature You Need.

We provide all the features you need – sending instant notifications, scheduling notifications, welcome push notification, custom images, multi-website support, etc.

Build Subscribers & Drive Traffic

Start converting your SocialEngine website visitors into subscribers and bring them back to your website driving repeat traffic effortlessly.

Easy Communication as Very Few Reads Email

Now, your users won’t miss subscribed updates whether those are unread messages, new blog posts, new offers or any other thing.

Key features

Integration with SocialEngine Updates

This plugins is integrated with all the SocialEngine updates and thus send them as web push notifications.

Welcome Push Notification

Greet your new subscribers with a welcome push notification and make out the most of their first interaction with push notification on your website.

Send Instant Notification

With this plugin, you do not have to wait for your users to see their inbox or website updates the push notifications will be instantly displayed in their browsers in Real-time even if they are not viewing your website.

Schedule Your Notifications

Set the notifications to be sent at a time of your choice. This is helpful when you know the most active time of your subscribers, so that you get more views, more clicks, more engagement and thus more traffic.

Resend & Duplicate Notifications

No need to type your notifications again and again, you can also re-send a notification as per your requirement. Duplicate a scheduled notification and target it for some other audience.

Send Notifications to Chosen Subscribers

Push notifications can be sent to all subscribers or on the basis of their member levels, networks, specific subscriber, chrome, firefox, and opera subscribers.

Build audience without a mobile app

This plugin supports mobile browsers, thus help you build audience on mobiles, tablets, desktops and devices of all screen sizes, even if they are not active on your website on desktop.

Manage Subscribers

Manage a list of subscribers and send personal message to specific subscriber.

Add Image & URL To Your Notifications

With custom image, you can make short push notifications, more meaningful and engaging. Add links to your notifications and redirect subscribers to any URL on your website or any other link of your choice.

Multi Browser Support

This plugin is compatible with all leading browsers – Mozilla: 44+, Chrome: 50+ and Opera: 42+. So, start engaging your users across mobile web and desktop.

Unlimited Notifications

HTTPS websites can send unlimited notifications with their own branding and http users can send unlimited notifications via our SSL website.

Test Push Notification

You can choose test subscribers and send notifications to them and if you are satisfied with the configuration of your message then send them to the rest of your subscribers.

Basic Edition

Price: $39

This plugin supports both HTTP and HTTPS websites under below conditions:

1. If you have an HTTPS website: All notification will be sent from your website like:

2. If you have an HTTP website: All notification will be sent from your website like:

Browser push notifications work only on SSL sites (HTTPS). But, our plugin support HTTP websites also. Push notifications from HTTP websites will be sent via our server.

Enterprise Edition

Price: On Request

We also provide service to send push notifications from our SSL website. So, if you do not want to install SSL on your website and use our SSL website to send the push notifications with your website URL appended into our HTTPS URL like https//, then contact us at or here.

How It Works

Step 1

Install Plugin

Install and activate this plugin on your SocialEngine website.

Step 2

Configure Firebase APIs

Configure the Server Key and Code Snippet from Google Firebase Console.

Step 3

Configure Welcome Notification

Configure welcome push notification message to greet your new subscribers.

Step 4

Start Sending Notifications

Configure welcome push notification, send instant push notification or schedule notifications to be sent at a later date.

Admin Panel

Admin Can:

  ~ Send new instant push notifications.

  ~ Enable integration of this plugin with website’s default updates.

  ~ Schedule notifications to be sent at later dates of admin’s choice.

  ~ Re-send a notification.

  ~ Configure Welcome push notification.

  ~ Configure Firebase API Settings

  ~ Manage Subscribers and choose a test user.

  ~ Before sending or scheduling a push notification, admin can send notification to test users for testing.

  ~ While sending a notification admin can add image and URL to the push notifications.

  ~ While sending a notification admin can choose to send the notification to all or specific subscribers.

** Read more about our HTTPS Push Notification website here:

Popup to allow receiving notification for your websiteWelcome Push NotificationIntegration with SocialEngine notification updatesInstant Push Notification Sent by AdminAdmin: Global SettingsAdmin: Send NotificationsAdmin: Schedule NotificationsAdmin: Welcome NotificationAdmin: API SettingsAdmin: Manage SubscribersAdmin: Sent Notifications

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