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  • Facebook Styling & Looks
  • Quick Signup like FB
  • Customizable Dashboard & Language Chooser
  • Recent Logins & Account Switcher

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Are you planning to develop and showcase your Website and Mobile Apps exactly like Facebook? If Yes, then you have come to the right place. Here’s the “Facebook Clone Package” which comes with all the plugins, theme & native mobile apps that are required to have a complete community like Facebook.

Today is the world of Mobile and so as our “Facebook Clone Package”. With the native iOS and Android Mobile Apps, your users will have a complete access of your website and mobile apps.

This package comes with all the new and existing plugins & theme from SocialEngineSolutions which will deliver a website and both the apps with all the Facebook features. All these amazing features that offer a complete Facebook Clone can be seen at: "Facebook Clone Demo"

Get Exact Facebook Clone - Website + Both Mobile Apps

With all new "Facebook Clone Package" get amazing plugins, same features just like Facebook:

  • Page Post Attribution - switching between Pages & User profile in Posts and Comments
  • Community Ads - Boost Post, Carousel, Video & Image ads
  • Fixed Sidebar Columns
  • Recent Login & Account Switcher in Header
  • Member Profile Cover Photo + Video
  • Multiple Language Chooser
  • Pages, Groups, Buy-Sell, Events, etc.
  • Bookmarks / Add to Shortcuts
  • Native iOS & Android Apps

Setup your own social website & Apps now!!

Page Post Attribution - Switching between Pages & User profile in Posts and Comments

With the “Post Attribution” feature, Page Owners can choose to post from activity feed and comments as the name of their Pages instead of their own names.

Page admins and managers (created from Page Roles) can select default Attribution for Pages to post as Page Name or their own Names in Page Dashboards.

Community Ads - Boost Post, Carousel, Video & Image ads

Community Advertisements Plugin is creatively developed to serve this purpose. It’s a powerful tool that allows administrators to create and manage ad packages effectively. Advertisers have various tools to keep track of the progress of their ads.

Additionally, ads can be placed anywhere on your website, which provides advertisers many placement options to choose from.

Variety in ad types – Boost Post, Content Ad, Page Ad & External Website Ad with different Types of Ads Formats – Carousel Ads, Single Image Ads & Videos Ads, flexibility and full control on every aspect make Community Ads a prime candidate for implementing an advertising system on your Website.

Recent Login & Account Switcher in Header

This is the new upgraded feature of our Facebook Theme which let your site users to easily get switch between their multiple accounts on which they have logged in recently. This enhancement is by default embedded in the header of this theme.

Attractive Activity Feeds exactly like Facebook.

With amazing features like Increased Font Sizes, Animations, Posting Feeds with Attractive Backgrounds, Sell Something, Targeted Posts, Post Scheduling, On This Day, Stickers & Reactions, Emojis, etc. the Professional Activity & Comments Plugin is the best fit for your website and Apps in SocialEngine.

Member Profile Cover Photo + Video

When people arrive at Member Profiles on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo & Video, a large unique photo/video at the top of the member profiles that represents who your members are or what they care about. Cover Photos & Videos helps to make the profile of members more interesting and attractive.

Multiple Language Switcher

Make your website a multilingual website to serve your international visitors and members using the Google Cloud Translation API which provides a simple programmatic interface for translating an arbitrary string into any supported language using state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation.

Pages, Groups, Buy-Sell, Events, etc.

This package provides you all the important features like Pages, Groups, Buy-Sell, Events, Selling Event tickets, etc which makes your website robust to look it exactly like Facebook.

Native iOS & Android Apps

Get iOS & Android Native mobile apps for your website and increase the reach of your social community. Configure the apps from admin panel from settings to color scheme of your choice or Exactly like Facebook !!

Fully Customizable

Customizing the look-n-feel of your website using this package is a breeze. No coding required! This package will allow you to easily modify, remove, add, or edit anything on your website.


No matter from where your audience is accessing your website on desktop, tablet or phone, your social content will adapt perfectly to any screen size. This package offers a 100% responsive theme for your site.

This package includes the below mentioned services:-

  • We’re offering you a discount of total $2039, with total cost of Plugins & Both Apps, & Subscription is: $3038. So, for this amazing package, you have to pay only $999.
  • This package includes all the plugins which are required for the facebook Clone Package and the plugins which are integrated with our both mobile apps. See the “Products Included” tab for complete list of products included in this package.
  • Need Sample data on fresh installation of SocialEngine? We understand it is hard to start with a blank community and thus we have come up with the sample data in which you will get all the data which is on our mobile demo website here: . If you “Buy Demo Package with Content”, then the content will be installed on Fresh installation of SocialEngine only. The content will not be uploaded to your existing SE website.
    To add the sample data, choose the option while adding this package to your cart.
  • Includes “Ultimate Plan Subscription” for 30 days which ultimate benefits for your website and both iOS and Android apps Services included with this plan Free of cost are:
    • Support for Both Mobile Apps.
    • Support for SocialEngine PHP Core & it’s standard Plugins.
    • Support for SocialEngineSolutions Plugins.
    • Installation & Upgrade Service for SocialEngine PHP Core and it's standard Plugins.
    • Installation & Upgrade Service for SocialEngineSolutions Plugins.
    • If you wish to continue the plan after 30 days, then you will not have to pay the One time signup fee. Contact our support team for more details on this.
    • Installation & Upgrade Service for SocialEngineSolutions Plugins.
      You can read more information about the benefits and inclusions in the subscription plan here:
      You can read more information about the benefits and inclusions in the subscription plan here:
  • Our experts will provide you helpful and useful suggestions which will help you in speeding up your website.
  • Our experts will provide you assistance in:
    • Configuring various third party applications like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, etc for their integration with your website.
    • Google Analytics setup.
    • MaxCDN setup.
    • Configuring and resolving Language translation issues that may come.
    • Setting up & configuring Google Apps for your domain for handling your domain's emails on Google.
    • Brand Establishment of your website and Digital Marketing.
See Products Included tab to see which all products are included in this package.

Products Included


Actual Cost $3038
Huge Discount of $2039
Final Cost After Discount $999
Professional Activity & Comments Plugin $69
iOS, Android and Browsers Unicode Emojis Plugin $29
Page Directories Plugin $99
Page Albums Extension (Included in Plugin) Free
Page Members Extension (Included in Plugin) Free
Page Videos Extension $29
Page Directories – Packages for Allowing Page Creation Extension $49
Page Short URL Extension Free
Page Polls Extension $19
Page Verification by Members Extension $29
Page Team Showcase Extension $29
Group Communities Plugin $149
Group Albums Extension (Included in Plugin) Free
Group Videos Extension $29
Group Communities – Packages for Allowing Group Creation Extension $49
Group Short URL Extension Free
Group Verification by Members Extension $29
Group Polls Extension $19
Group Team Showcase Extension $29
Advanced Events Plugin $79
Advanced Events – Videos Extension $29
Community Advertisements Plugin $139
Professional Music Plugin $59
Advanced Members Plugin $45
Advanced Photos & Albums $55
Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin $55
Member Profiles Cover Photo Plugin $29
Member Profiles Cover Video Plugin $29
Questions & Answers Plugin $59
Advanced Banner Plugin $39
People You May Know Plugin $19
Advanced Blog Plugin $49
Professional Share Plugin $29
Advanced Site Notifications in Popups Plugin $15
Email Verification Reminder Plugin $19
JS & CSS Minify Plugin $39
Step by Step Webpage Introduction Tour Plugin $39
Multi-Use FAQs Plugin $49
Multiple Language Translator Plugin $25
Add To Shortcuts / Bookmark Plugin $9
Fixed / Floating Page Columns Widget $19
SocialEngineSolutions Basic Required Plugin Free
Ultimate Support & Mobile Apps Subscription Plan (30 days) $158
Professional SocialEngine Installation and Upgrade $30
All SocialEngineSolutions Plugins Installation and Upgrade $69
Actual Cost $3038
Huge Discount of $2039
Final Cost After Discount $999

Plugins Excluded

**Note1: We have many other plugins, but we have mentioned the plugins which are installed on our mobile apps demo only. If you need any other package or product not mentioned in this package, then you can explore our other packages from here:

**Note2: Plugins that we will be releasing in future after purchasing of this package, will have to be purchased separately.

**Note3: All our plugins that are certified at SocialEngine Marketplace are not included in this package and will have to be purchased from there only.


I have a discount coupon code, will I be able to avail the discount on the purchase of this package?

This package is already available at huge discount, so no other discount coupon will be applicable on the purchase of this package.

For more information on discounts, stay tuned to our FB posts, Twitter posts, Newsletters and Blog posts.

I do not want a few plugins and I want a different theme. Is it possible that I get a reduced cost of this package and a different theme?

Yes, absolutely, if you want to reduce / add products to this package, we will be glad to provide you a revised cost. Please contact us with your requirements and we will assist you with the pricing of modified package.

I want to further discuss about the cost estimates and the discounts offered in this package. Can we have a quick meeting over skype chat/call, whatsapp chat or phone call?

Yes, please contact us by sending your skype id / whatsapp number. We will get back to you asap for further discussion.

I want only 1 app or may be I will decide later on mobile apps. But, I want all the plugins and theme included in this package. Can I get pricing of 1 app or only plugins and theme?

Yes, please contact us with your detailed requirements.

Can I myself install all the plugins included in this package?

Yes, absolutely. All our plugins & themes are very easy to install with the Documentation available at our Help Center. But, since we are offering installation of all the products in this package, you can file a support ticket after purchasing this package from here: and our team will install the plugins on your website.

For the Mobile Apps: This will have to be done by our Experts and thus you will have to file a separate support ticket to request for making the build of your mobile apps.

Send us below details in the support ticket:

1) Your SocialEngine License key

2) FTP information (Please ask your hosting provider if you already do not have this.):
– Host- Username
– Password

3) Database information (Please ask your hosting provider if you already do not have this.):
– Host
– Username
– Password

4) Your site URL pointing to the location of your server.

5) Other desired site information:
– Your Community Title
– Admin Email
– Admin Password

This service is normally completed in 12 to 24 business hours.

I want to customize / modify this package according to the ideas, offerings and design of my website. Can you help me with the same?

Yes, please contact us with your detailed requirements.


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