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Sharing on Social Media is powerful tool to reach a broader audience and get more visitors to your website. But only sharing is not enough, the shared content should be optimized with rich title, description and images, so that it helps you to stand out and draw more clicks and view to your shared content. This rich sharing via Open Graph and Twitter Card has indirect positive impact on your SEO credibilities which eventually lead to more profit.

With this plugin you can get more of the traffic from your content shared on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc as the meta tags can hugely affect conversions and click-through rates.

Important: This plugin will work well for all the Widgetized and Non-Widgetized pages on your website. From the admin panel, you can add title, description and image to these pages so that Facebook knows what images, text, and description to use when sharing your webpages.

Facebook’s Open Graph and Twitter Card Meta Tags

These Social Meta Tags allows integration between social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc by allowing them to become rich “graph” objects.

These tags simply put a degree of control on how information travels from your website to other social networking websites when a page is shared. The information is sent via these meta tags in the part of your website’s code like in image below:

In Twitter, these cards allow you to add summary in addition to the 140-character tweet. The card information does not show up automatically on people’s feeds, but a little “View Summary” button is added below the tweets with these tags.

Now, other social media sites like Google+, Pinterest, recognize Open Graph tags and take their advantage while sharing webpages.

Meta Tags and their Benefits
B. Feed Shared At Google+ using og tags:

Google Plus Meta Tags

C. Feed Shared At Pinterest using og tags:

Pintrest Meta Tags

Admin Panel

Admin can enable / disable Facebook OG meta tags.

Admin can enable / disable Twitter Cards meta tags.

Admin can configure OG & Twitter Card meta Title for non widgetized and each widgetized page.

Admin can configure OG & Twitter Card meta Description for non widgetized and each widgetized page.

Admin can configure Meta Image for Outside sharing.

Admin can configure Meta Image for each widgetized page.


How do I check Open Graph Tags?
Facebook has created a tool called Open Graph Object Debugger to check the meta tags to your are sending and it returns any errors and suggestions for OG tags, if there are any.
Also, if you have shared content on facebook, then the webpage is cached and if you make any changes to the OG tags, then those are not displayed. So, you can use this tool to clear the Facebook Cache.


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