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Responsive SpectroMedia Theme



SPECTROMEDIA is a clean, responsive theme which is suitable for any SocialEngine based website having Music, Video, Photos, Blogs, Classifieds, etc. It’s fast, simple, and highly customizable with 9 pre-built Color Schemes.
SpectroMedia is not just a Theme, it’s a powerful designing tool with option to Clone any existing Color Scheme.

Beautiful Landing Page contains

Free with this theme: HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin to enable you to play videos in the background of any widgetized page on your website.

Feature blocks to highlight key features of your site with text and icons having rich content of your choice entered via WYSIWYG editor.

Members Carousel widget to display profile photos of members of your website with “Black & White” effect on mouse-over.

Parallax Section.

VIDEOS WE LOVE section is dependent on our Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin.

SONGS WE LOVE LISTENING TO section is dependent on our Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin.

FEATURED PHOTOS section is dependent on our Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin.


SpectroMedia Theme comes with 9 pre-built Color Schemes.
Existing Color Schemes can be easily customized. You can even make your own new color scheme.


Parallax Section: Make use of the beautiful parallax effect in sections on Landing page or any other widgetized page on your website

HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin is Free with this theme.

HTML5 Videos & Photos Background creates a fullscreen video background using html5 video for your website.

Admin can choose to play Videos in Landing Page, and / or any other widgetized pages on your website.

Fullscreen with Site Logo, Menus over HTML5 Background can be chosen for any widgetized page of your website.

AJAX Based Global Search can be placed over the HTML Background to enable users to search of site content via AJAX.

Multiple HTML5 Video Backgrounds can be created to enable you to place and play different videos on different widgetized pages.

An HTML5 Video Background can have multiple Videos and or Photos.

Advanced Header

Pre-Built 4 Designs for header of your website.

Mini Menus like Friend Requests, Messages, Notifications, Settings, etc. are built with attractive icons.

Tooltips for easy access and action on various notifications, messages and friend requests.

Search box with AJAX based searching enabled for various modules installed on your website.

Quick Login & Signup popup: Login popup is visible only to site visitors to encourage them to quickly and easily login / signup on your SocialEngine based website. Users can also login through their existing accounts on Facebook and Twitter or as configured by you from Admin Panel.

This main navigation menu is fixed on the top of the screen and floats when users scroll down your site’s page to enable them to easily access important links of your website.

Icons for each menu item can be easily uploaded from the Admin Panel of this plugin.

More drop-down to enable you to set the limit of menu items to be appear in this navigation menu.

Advanced Footer

Join -> Share -> Connect block to encourage visitors to quickly sign up on your website.

Admin can create upto 3 columns with SE Footer links with option to add their own links.

Footer contains attractive social icons to make your website socially visible on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc.

Scroll to top button (with some animation) to enable users to easily go to the top of the page in one click.

Icons and Fonts

We include Font Awesome Icons which will make your website lighter to load.

Advanced Control Panel

You can take full control of your theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this theme from setting to styling.

Fully Responsive Design

You can take full control of your theme with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this theme from setting to styling.

SpectroMedia Theme is made responsive with a system which automatically adapts your SocialEngine website to any mobile devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops so that your website looks amazing on any device.

Right-to-Left Language Support

Checkout Responsive Demo


Easy Download, and one click installation.

Works and looks absolutely perfect with all the official SocialEngine plugins and any other 3rd party plugins with SocialEngine standards.

Tested and works well with all modern browsers.

Best coding practices and techniques used for styling using CSS3.

Free 90 days Support.

Free product upgrade downloads.

and a lot more!


Add and Manage Videos and Photos in HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin, which is included for Free with this theme.

Edit “Text & Feature Blocks” content easily via WYSIWYG editor for the Landing Page.

Configure Parallax Section on Landing Page.

Choose, customize or make new color schemes easily.

Configure Header and Footer of your website:
Manage Main Navigation Menu icons in Header.
Manage various modules for AJAX based search in Header.
~ Manage social sites’ URLs in Footer and much more!

Upload and place banners at desired widgetized pages on your website.

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