SE and Server Upgrade to PHP 7


Performance & 2x Faster Speed are the most important benefit of migrating from older php version to php 7. Your pages will render faster and you can handle more requests, thus allowing more concurrent users. Reduced memory consumption is another benefit of having PHP 7 on your server.

Do you need our help to save your time and efforts in upgrading PHP on your? We support you with a fast and professional upgradation service at only $69.

This service will include both upgrading to PHP 7 on your server and upgrading SocialEngine to 4.9.0 version.

If you wish to take up a new VPS or dedicated server (for SSH), please read below the benefits of migrating to Hostiso Server:

  • 90% discount on 1st month subscription using our affiliate link & discount code: SES90%
  • With VPS5, you will get Free SSL Certificate and Free installation service.
  • Free “Browser Push Notifications Plugin” using our affiliate link to purchase VPS 5.
  • Free PHP 7 installed on your VPS server.
  • Free SE upgrade to 4.9.0 version.

Required Information:
We will be needing below mentioned information from you, so please have them ready after purchasing this service:

1) SocialEngine Website Details:
    - Website URL
    - Email
    - Password

2) Server Root Login (SSH) Details:
    - Host
    - Username
    - Password
    - Port
(Note: If you do not have these details, then contact your hosting provider.)

3) Cpanel or phpMyAdmin Details:
    - URL
    - Username
    - Password
(Note: If you do not have these details, then contact your hosting provider.)

** This service would be completed within 12-24 hours of purchase.

If you have done any custom works on your website in SocialEngine Core, then please contact us, before purchasing this service.

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