Ultimate Banner Slideshow Plugin


Ultimate Banner Slideshow plugin enables you to have very beautiful, elegant and attractive slideshow on your website with 2 slides in a single banner. Fixed and Floating captions for each slide makes the look and design even more awesome, eye catching and appealing.

Each banner in this plugin can have upto 2 slides, background color, fixed caption, floating caption, description, 2 CTA buttons, watch video button. The header of your website can be chosen to be shown inside or outside the banner, thereby making this plugin more robust and easy to use and setup on your website as per your requirements.

Of the 2 slides: 1 slide is the larger one which is displayed according to the width of banner and the small slide fits into the frame chosen for it. You can choose from pre-defined 4 frame options and configure the rotation of each frame as per the requirements.

Everything can be enabled / disabled and configured from the admin panel including the choice of background color, slides, CTA button colors, font colors, font family for captions, description, etc. You can also choose the banner to be shown in full width or not. The delay time, ordering of slide (admin selected order / random order), count of slide, etc settings can easily configured from admin panel for each banner.

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Double Slides

Enhance your banner slideshow with the 2 slide options and make your site even more unique and grandiose.

Visual Timeline of Slide Transitions

This plugin uses advance transition system to manage and calculate the transition of slides. Every layer animation appears on an interactive visual timeline, with changing details attractively and smartly.

Font Animations

Attractive font animation for floating caption makes it even more beautiful.

Unlimited Slideshows

With this plugin you can create unlimited slideshows for your website and choose to place them on any widgetized page of your website. For each placement you can configure below settings:

  • Height of the Banner Slideshow.
  • Location of Header to be shown in the Banner.
    • Header Inside
    • Header Outside
  • Show Banners in Full Width of your website.
  • Transition Delay Time for the slides to be displayed in the banner slideshow.
  • Choose the Order for the Slides to be displayed in the banner.
    • Admin Selected Order
    • Random Order
  • Count of number of slides to show in each banner. You can also show all the slides.

Double Slides

Regular banners have an option to upload only single images / slides, but this Ultimate Banner Slideshow plugin as its name provide you option to upload upto 2 slides.

  • Large image is beautifully displayed in the background.
  • The second smaller image is displayed beautifully in available 4 frames – Light Desktop, Dark Desktop, Light Ipad, Dark Ipad.
  • Frames can be rotated and the degree of rotation can be entered from admin panel.
  • The second slide will move automatically based on its size. If the slide is more than 800px, then the slide will scroll vertically upwards.
  • This 2 slide concept is very unique and unlike the traditional 1 slide / image banners, this is also very beautiful to see.

100% Fully Responsive Design

The plugin is 100% responsive. Automatically adapts to any devices (Mobile phone, tablet and desktop). You can take full control of the color scheme and designing of slides with our powerful yet easy-to-use admin panel of this plugin from setting to styling.

Background Colors for Slideshow with Gradient Option

To make the banner and slideshow more attractive, elegant and beautiful this plugin provides an additional option to display the Background color in a slide. This can be very useful when you do not want to display any slide image, but background color of your choice and requirement.

You can simply choose the background color and not upload any slide in your slideshow. The captions, description and buttons would be more prominent and appealing with this style of the slide.

Since, for each slide you can choose upto 2 background colors. The second background color is automatically set as Gradient color for the slide. The gradient effect to the color will give a more impactful look and appeal to your slide and banner.

Frames for Slides

Since, this plugin comes with 2 slides, the smaller slide is displayed attractively within a frame of your choice from available 4 frame options:

  • Light Desktop
  • Dark Desktop
  • Light Ipad
  • Dark Ipad

You can also choose the Rotation for the frame in degrees. With this setting you can rotate the design according to the concept of your slides and the large image.

Text & Button Configurations

With this plugin you can easily configure the texts for captions, descriptions, buttons. You can also very easily configure the colors for each of the text, button, and all the elements of this plugin. The Captions are divided into Fixed & Floating Captions (explained in detail below) which will attract your users attention for the text you want to be more appealing to them.

A detailed explanation for each element of the slides in this plugin is provided in description below.

Fixed Caption

This plugin provides a fixed caption for each slide. You can use this style to make slides more attractive and appealing to your users. For each Fixed Caption, you can configure below settings:

  • Fixed Caption Text
  • Fixed Caption Font Color
  • Fixed Caption Font Size
  • Fixed Caption Font Family

Floating Caption

This plugin provides a Floating caption for each slide. You can use this style to mention the text which can be appealing to your users. For each Floating Caption, you can configure below settings:

  • Floating Caption Text
  • Floating Caption Font Color
  • Floating Caption Font Size
  • Floating Caption Font Family


This plugin provides a Description option for each slide. You can use this setting to explain in brief about the slide to your users. For each Description, you can configure below settings:

  • Description Text
  • Description Font Color
  • Description Font Size
  • Description Font Family

CTA Buttons

This plugin provides option to configure 2 CTA buttons. These buttons can be used to redirect your users to the URLs of your choice. For each button, you can configure below settings:

  • CTA Button Label
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Mouseover Background Color
  • Mouseover Text Color
  • Button URL
  • CTA Button Target

Watch Video Button

This plugin provides option to configure 1 button to enable users to Watch video as configured by you from the admin panel for a slide. For each button, you can configure below settings:

  • Button Label
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Mouseover Background Color
  • Mouseover Text Color
  • Video Type
    • Youtube
    • Vimeo
    • Dailymotion
    • Upload
  • Video URL

Privacy Settings

For each slide you can easily chose the view privacy based on below criterias:

  • Member Level
  • Network
  • Non-logged In users visibility

Slide Overlay and Opacity

For the Large Background slide image, Overlay and Opacity can easily be configured which will give you a higher level of customization option.

With these 2 settings you can make slide images too much appealing to your users as the texts will be beautifully displayed if background images have overlay. When texts on slide needs to be impactful, then this setting will come for your rescue.


Ultimate Banner Slideshow: This widget displays the Banner Slideshow as created by you from the admin panel of this plugin. Edit the widget to configure various setting and choose the slideshow to be displayed in this widget. For each slideshow placement below settings can be configured:

  • Header Location to be shown in this widget – Header Inside or Header outside the slideshow.
  • Banner display in Full Width.
  • Transition Delay Time for the slides to be displayed in the slideshow.
  • Order for the Slides to be displayed in this widget – Admin Selected Order or Random Order
  • Number of slides to show.

Robust Admin Panel

This plugin has a very robust admin panel and all the featured explained in this description can be very easily enabled / disabled and configured from the admin panel of this plugin. Other configurable settings are:

  • Create unlimited slideshows
  • Enable / disable each slideshow
  • Manage, upload, enable / disable and reorder slides.
  • Configure various settings for each slide.

1 Click Install & Easy To Setup

This plugin can be easily installed with 1 click and can be easily configured. Helpful Video Tutorials, Installation Tutorial and FAQs for this plugin will make it more easy for you to setup and create slideshows using this plugin on your site.

Lifetime Upgrades with 90 Days Free Support

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