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    Business Videos Extension

    This Business Videos Extension enables you to upload Videos in the Businesses on your website. This extension is fully compatible with SocialEngine’s “Iframely Integration”. Based on the Member Level of users you can choose the video sources, auto-approval of videos and many other settings. With the rich admin panel and widgets, you can configure this plugin as per your requirements. read more »

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    Business Directories – Packages for Allowing Business Creation...

    Do you want to monetize from the Busenesses on your website, then here comes the Packages for Allowing Buseness Creation Extension using which you can enable Packages for creating Busenesses on your website.

    With this Extension you can allow the members of your site to create Buseness only after subscribing to at-least one of the packages which can be made – Free or Paid. You can make any number of Free and Paid packages by providing different features in each package according to your requirement.

    The question may arise – why members will pay money to you for creating Busenesses on your site? The Buseness on your website can provide your users a way to connect to their audience and use this system for advertising their businesses. With the Social sharing, Buseness Announcements, Buseness Photos & Albums, Buseness Services and many other features of Buseness Directories Plugin the reach of your users to their potential audience is not limited.

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