• Offer Website Basics Pack

    Website Basics Pack

    This discounted pack includes all the plugins which will enable you to enhance the basic functionality of your website like contact us page, creation of various widgetized pages with short URLs, poking, highlight your team, and the HTML5 videos and photos.

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  • Offer Advanced Members Pack

    Advanced Members Pack

    This pack includes all the 3 plugins required to enhance members’ experience on your website. With the Advanced Members Plugin you get features like Follow Members, Members Verification, Location & Proximity Search, Featured, Sponsored, VIP, Member Of the Day,

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  • Offer Cover Photos Pack

    Cover Photos Pack

    This pack provides you a Must Have feature – Cover Photos for your website. When people arrive at member profiles or profiles of various content on your website, we suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the member / content profiles.

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  • Offer Advanced Media Plugins Pack

    Advanced Media Plugins Pack

    This Pack includes plugins for all media content on your website for photos, music and videos. Since, all the plugins are highly robust, and easy to use, your users would love the new features provided this these plugin.

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  • Offer Basic & Security Essentials Pack

    Basic & Security Essentials Pack

    Now a days users are much more concerned about the security of their content, so we have come with few of the plugins which can provide your users better security and ways to better explore your website.

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