• OpenGraph&TwitterCardMetaTagsPlugin_1

    Open Graph & Twitter Card Meta Tags Plugin

    With this plugin you can get more of the traffic from your content shared on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc as the meta tags can hugely affect conversions and click-through rates.

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  • Advanced Share Plugin

    Advanced Sharing Plugin – Inside and Outside Site Sharing

    This plugin quickly deploy the social sharing options on your website. With a variety of display types like sticky social share buttons in sidebar, fly-ins, social share buttons with counter, etc your visitors can easily share your content on various social medias of their choice.

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  • social-media-login

    Social Media Login – 1 Click Social Connect Plugin

    Social Media Login plugin increases user registrations on your website by allowing users to logging on your website using their existing social media credentials and pre-verified accounts.

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  • click-to-tweet-icon

    Click To Tweet Plugin

    Do you want your website visitors, readers, members to easily and quickly share your content to their Twitter channels? If Yes, then this “Click To Tweet” plugin will allow you to very easily create Tweetable content for your users.

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  • Advanced Error Pages Plugin

    Advanced Error Pages Plugin – Private Page, Page Not Found, Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon

    Advanced Error Pages plugin will allow you to turn the simple errors of Page Not Found, Private Page, Maintenance Mode and Coming Soon to attractive designs where you can show your creativity and turn these error pages into some informative pages.

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  • PeopleYouMayKnow-Icon

    People You May Know Plugin

    People You May Know plugin will provide you a best tool for your website using which you will let your users connect to their friends on your website. This plugin will show them the people they may know based on their friend connections.

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  • Sound-Cloud-Search
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  • Advanced Notification Plugin
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  • Advanced Comment Icon
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  • Advanced News & Activity Feeds Plugin
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  • browser-push-notification

    Browser Push Notifications Plugin

    Browser push notifications are clickable messages in browser that come from a website. These are simply received by your subscriber on their desktops, mobiles or any other device event when they are not actually viewing your website. These notifications are similar to the mobile apps’ push notifications and support all major browsers in different devices.

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  • advanced-eventticket-icon

    Advanced Events – Events Tickets Selling & Booking System

    Event ticket selling online has become more and more popular these days. People are even buying tickets for international events both online and offline like Online Classes, Sports Events, Music Festivals, etc which requires support for multiple currencies.

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  • Advanced Event Plugin

    Advanced Events Plugin

    With this plugin your users can create both online (webinars) and offline (having location) Events on your website. They can choose to create events for their classes, workshops, fundraisers, sporting, trainings, conferences, networking, religion, social, non-profit, and nearly any other type of event.

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  • Advanced Blog

    Advanced Blog Plugin

    Advanced Blog Plugin provides advanced features for writing blogs on your websites – custom Publish date, custom URL for blogs, location, multiple photo upload, reviews, etc.

    With the option to change text Blog and URL to any other texts of your choice, you can use this plugin for Articles, News, Classified, etc.

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  • contentcoverphoto-icon

    Content Profiles Cover Photo Plugin

    When people arrive at Profiles of various content on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the content profiles that represents what abouts of the content. This plugin provides you the option to show Cover Photo on top of the Content Profiles with Attractive Tabs, Profile Photo, Content’s basic details.

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  • Advanced Member Plugin

    Advanced Members Plugin – Enhanced Searching, Reviews, Compliments, Members Verification & Location

    This Advanced Members Plugin provides you all the features required to increase member engagement on your website – Follow Members, Members Verification, Reviews & Ratings, Location & Proximity Search, Compliments, Featured, Sponsored, VIP.

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  • Member Profiles Cover Photo Plugin

    Member Profiles Cover Photo Plugin

    When people arrive at Member Profiles on your website, where do you want them to first look? We suggest you to show them the Cover Photo, a large unique image at the top of the member profiles that represents who your members are or what they care about.

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  • User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin

    User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin

    User Accounts Privacy & Content Security with Password Plugin protect your site member Photos, Videos and make user account more secure.

    Using this plugin, your site users block any other site members by choosing specific member by using autosuggest of members, profile type and based on networks from Block Member Page.

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  • All in One Multiple Forms Plugin

    All in One Multiple Forms Plugin – Advanced Contact Us, Feedback, Query Forms, etc

    Forms are one of the most important elements of a website because forms help you manage your relationship with your users and customers. With forms you can always keep in touch with your visitors, partners and customers and gather their feedback, queries, suggestions, etc easily.

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  • SocialEngine Advanced Footer Plugin

    Advanced Footer Plugin

    Advanced Footer plugin provides you various designs and options to display in the footer of your website which will help you in showcasing right information based on the type of user [logged in / non-logged in] on your website.

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  • HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin

    HTML5 Videos & Photos Background Plugin

    Today, is the world of Videos. A lot of people prefer to watch videos rather than just have a look look at photos or read the write ups. Videos are more engaging as compared to the static content on your website. Videos help you make your visitors stay longer on your website, and thus reducing the bounce rate, so it is also becomes more important to attractively display the videos on your website

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  • Site Tour by Auto Logging With Test User Plugin

    Site Tour by Auto Logging With Test User Plugin

    An awesome website is developed, various Membership Levels are decided and in spite of Free Membership available, visitors are not joining the website as expected. This sometimes happen because people are afraid of Spam mails and promotions that fill up their inboxes.

  • Advanced Video

    Advanced Videos & Channels Plugin

    Advanced Videos & Channels plugin provides you all the tools and features which will not only showcase the videos on your website to their best, but also support uploading of videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and from your computer. The attractive Lightbox Viewer, enable your users to view a videos wherever they are on the website.

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  • pagebuilder

    Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin

    Page Builder and Shortcodes plugin makes it easy to create responsive widgetized pages with URLs of your choice using the widgets you know and love. This plugin has various elements which you can use in widgets as well as in shortcodes on Pages.

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  • Offer Poke Plugin

    Advanced Poke, Wink, Slap, etc & Gifts Plugin

    With this plugin you can create various actions and virtual gifts that your users can send to each other. This plugin simulate a physical poke, smirk, wink, slap, etc to other member to get their attention. You can say that this plugin is an enhancement to Facebook’s popular Poke feature.

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  • SocialEngine Photo Album Plugin

    Advanced Photos & Albums Plugin

    Masonry Galleries, Fullscreen responsive Lightbox Viewers, Welcome Page, photo upload via Drag & Drop and URL, in-build Social Sharing, member profile photo upload via 3 options, photos and albums send via SE message are few of the FEATURES from this plugin which you will surely love to Have!

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  • Team Showcase & Multi-Use Team Plugin

    Team Showcase & Multi-Use Team Plugin helps you to add team members to your website with their names, designations, short descriptions, social profiles link with smooth hover effects and many more. You can add and manage their image, social profile’s links, detailed description / testimonial along with their name and position in your company.

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  • Advanced Music Plugin

    Advanced Music Albums, Songs & Playlists Plugin

    Advanced Music Albums, Songs Playlists Plugin is the best plugin as it offers your users the flexibility and creativity to create their own music albums, upload songs, rate music albums songs, create playlists on your website in the way they want and much more!

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  • Basic Required Plugin Icon

    SocialEngineSolutions Basic Required Plugin

    SocialEngineSolutions Basic Required is the Free Plugin from us which is required prior to installing any plugin from us. This plugin provides you below features for Free.

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